5 Reasons to Rock with the Heavy Choir

Earlier this year we held an amazing event with Melbourne’s Heavy Choir. 

If you’ve got a strong set of pipes and love to rock, here’s 5 reasons why you should rock out with the Heavy Choir.

Make lifelong friends

As we get older, it can be harder to meet new people. By rocking up to Heavy Choir you’ll be surrounded by a brilliant bunch of people who love to rock.

Discover the thrill of performing 

Throw your inhibitions out the window, and get over stage fright by just getting involved.

Singing helps keep us mentally healthy 

Let’s face it, life can be super busy and stressful. Did you know that singing helps you de-stress and promotes a sense of wellbeing?

Learn how to breathe

Learning how to breathe properly is extremely important as a singer, but it can also help you calm down in times of stress and anxiety.

Discover and grow your vocal potential 

If you’ve always had a desire to sing, but never found  the right outlet, now’s the time to give it a crack. A choir will help you develop your voice through special techniques, exercises and song styles.

Click here for more information about Heavy Choir.


5 Reasons to Rock with the Heavy Choir
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