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We are proud to be a 100% independently owned brewery. Everything we produce gets brewed and canned right here in our little taproom in Preston by a small, passionate team, that loves to be creative. We believe beer is all about sharing an experience, coming together and having fun.

That’s exactly what we strive to do every day and what the heart and soul of Tallboy and Moose really is. We encourage everyone to choose fresh, locally-made beer and be open to explore the world of flavour, that awaits you.




Our Good Beer Week is all about exciting native ingredients and we brewed a Yabby Stout for the occasion.
In June, Steve aka Moose stepped down and going forward, Dan aka Tallboy will be the sole director of our brewery.


As the World and Melbourne opens back up, we’re getting new team members on board, take part in beer festivals and continue to collaborate with amazing businesses. A collab close to our heart was our GABS 2022 beer, a Wattleseed Amber Lager, that was inspired by and brewed with Kevin Williams, a Waradjuri artist and wattleseed farmer.


Driven by demand and the COVID pandemic, we bought our own canning line and were able to release a lot more brews in tins. While Melbourne was in lockdown and our taproom shut, we were lucky enough to have the support of our local community and operate as a bottle shop. In 2021 we also celebrated our 5th birthday with a very special beer - our 20% Birthday Suit Eisbock.


Tallboy and Moose started canning some of their releases with the help of an external company, that brought in equipment. Tallboy tins start appearing in good venues and bottle shops across Victoria and via distributors in the rest of Australia.


After setting up in their new taproom, Tallboy and Moose launched officially in October 2016. Their first beer was Deep Steep, a chamomile infused American Amber. At this stage, everything they produced went into kegs and got poured either at the taproom or in venues around Melbourne.


Eventually, in early 2015 they realised they needed to go bigger and they started looking for brewing premises in the northern suburbs, where the craft beer scene was just starting to kick off. Dan moved to Preston, where they found a row of warehouses, that would later become the Tallboy and Moose brewpub.


Soon Steve and Dan started their brewing partnership 'Make beer', an experimental nanobrewery, that released small run beers and speciality kegs.


It all started with tall Dan and Canadian Steve hitting it off while working together in the Melbourne craft beer scene in 2012, just after Steve aka Moose had arrived from Toronto. Their work took them in all sorts of directions - BrewCult, Phoenix Beers, Southern Bay and Hawkers - but they always stayed in touch and discussed ideas for future projects.


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