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Hello Friends!

Welcome to 2024 and welcome back to Tallboy & Moose. I really hope that everyone had a fabulous break over the festive period. 

I realise for some, this is not possible, but I hope it still brought a change of pace from other points of the year. I'm very lucky that Christmas is consistently great for me and this year was no different. In fact it was probably more memorable thanks to great company of family and friends, delicious food and torrential rain. Melbourne really did turn it for us this year. I also had time to reflect and read a lot over the break. 

One article that caught my eye was about a decline in home brewing in the USA and what this might do to craft breweries. I'm the first to admit that a lot of loyal fans and owners of small breweries are or were home brewers. The reasons mentioned for the decline were that the quality of craft beer has been on the rise for many years and so people are less motivated to brew their own. This is definitely a positive. However, it also mentioned that diversity and inclusivity is something that the industry struggles with and is putting people off.

This made me sad and a little angry. I truly believe that there is no excuse for craft breweries not to be welcoming spaces to all. This is one of the key values of Tallboy & Moose and that is why the team and I strive to offer a great diversity of products, events, and a genuine friendly experience. If this doesn't resonate with some, then I'm of the opinion that this is the wrong place for them.

Anyway, rant over! As always, jump on the website to check out what is going on and how you can get involved. If you see me in the brewpub then please say hello. I always look forward to meeting you all.

Until next time,


Tallboy Tales 0003
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