British IPA, 6.4%

A collab between King River Brewing and Tallboy & Moose

"Something we can put on the handpump..."


With King River Brewing being renowned for their European-style beers and with Dan aka Tallboy hailing originally from the UK, the decision to make a British IPA was an easy one.

Nathan, King River's co-owner and brewer, is truly passionate about strong lagers and European styles. Over a decade ago, when he first delved into homebrewing, these were the types of beers that captivated him. They weren't just his favourites to drink; they were also hard to find in Australia.

Our initial collab beer was called 'The Spare', a traditional ESB (Extra Special Bitter), which didn't stick around for very now. The Tallboy team traveled up to the beautiful King Valley to make it, so we wanted to return the favor. We invited Nathan down to Preston, where we brewed our latest collaboration: TOP BOY, a British IPA.

Top Boy British IPA

About the beer

Top Boy is a beer that's got that biscuity malt backbone, a hint of caramel and a lush hop punch, thanks to the British and tropical trio Jester, Harlequin and Olicana. 'Top Boy' has that classic British IPA bitterness, but it's balanced, not overpowering. A right treat, innit?