Dark Rituals | Heavy Choir Concert


In the depths of winter, the Gods of Metal shall be woken! Join Melbourne's Heavy Choir and funeral doom master, Thaddaeus, for a dramatic invocation of heavy metal sounds, occult ritual, and dark art, accompanied by a winter's feast menu and delicious dark brews by Tallboy and Moose.
HEAVY CHOIR | Since forming in 2021, Melbourne's dedicated choir community for all metalheads has grown and evolved with more voices, bringing haunting choral harmonies and epic metal anthems to life. Dark Rituals is a celebration of their unified love of heavy metal music, and a theatrical invocation of stories and characters - from the trials and tribulations of the Wickedest Man in the World, Aleister Crowley, to an ancient Witch Queen taking you deep into the underworld. So grab a dark beer, and sing along if you will - as Heavy Choir performs a darker choral tribute to Ghost, Dokken, Nightwish, Faith No More, Sabaton, Demons & Wizards, Candlemass and more.
THADDAEUS | Dark Rituals is thrilled to feature opening guest artist, Thaddaeus, known for taking listeners on a journey of emotions and sounds; stories of contemplation and reflection; of mourning and being mourned; of mortality. While inspired by funeral doom, their music is laced with classical romanticism and the technicality of prog metal with a dramatic gothic touch. Let the despairing vocals and smooth symphonic movements take you somewhere alien; somewhere slightly out of sync; some place you know you're not entirely alone, just feeling alone.
Thaddaeus will perform a short story of our protagonist venturing forth into the void, only to find the experience a little too overwhelming, and deciding to do the only thing he can: delve further into the dark.
Featuring a special Candlelight Doom session with Elissa, from Deadlifts and Death Metal.
Plus an intimate display of artwork and jewellery for sale by local dark artists:
+ Helena Black Art
+ Glamour Bat Goddess
When and Where:
Doors: 6:00pm
Candlelight Doom: 7:00pm
Performances from: 8:00pm
Saturday 22 July
Tallboy & Moose Brewery
270 Raglan Street, Preston
Dark Rituals | Heavy Choir Concert
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