Jungle Boogie - Zing Tang Can Launch

Sept 27, 2019

Cheap tinnies, DJs, Hop Swap (we will encourage hop rhizome trades, and we'll be giving away free hop rhizomes, a hop plant, with slab purchases of Zing Tang on launch day only), Donkey Kong on the N64.

Our Zing Tang is a 4% Kettle Sour Ale with Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass. Taking inspiration from Thai flavours that quench thirst in the heat of the jungle, we reckon we've hit the perfect balance of sour and citrus refreshment ideal for the sunny days of spring.

TB&M _ AFL Grand Final 2019 _ A1.jpg

AFL Grand Final

Sept 28, 2019

Grand Final Day is approaching...thank god we have a massive projector! The venue is rearranged with all furniture pointing towards the big screen playing the match live and loud! Open from 11am with $9 selected pints from open to kick off. Wee Man will be dishing out footy food specials. Free entry! Book a table now!


Tallboy & Moose have some brand new merchandise! Beanies, hoodies and more available at the brewpub now.

Yes That’s Right - we have 1ltr take-away cans!

Forget the bottle-o. Drop in and grab a 1-litre takeaway of any beer you like on tap.