House Beers on Tap                                                                                      

1.  Vigilante Justice – 6.5% (Mixed fermentation barrel-aged sour ale - collab. w/ Crafty Cabal)     

2. Tallboy’s Cream Ale - 4.9% (Easy drinker - Tastes like beer! This ale is pretty much an ale pretending to be a lager)

3. Universal Promise - 7.2% (Rye NEIPA - collab. w/ The Wheaty Brewing Corps - Tastes like hoppy pineapple!)     

4. The Milky Wet Enigma – 8.2% - (Wet hop hazy IIPA feat. freshly picked Australian Enigma hops!)     

5. Nitro Mocha – 4.9% (Silky smooth luxurious chocolate coffee stout on NITRO!)                                        

6. Les Soeurs Agricole – 5% (Mixed fermentation barrel-aged saison)   

7. Malt Daddy Vintage Ale – 7% (Big complex malt bomb)                             

8. Golden Blonde – 7.4% (Belgian style blonde ale - spicy/fruity with a classic Belgian twang)   

9. SunRay XPA – 4.8% (Tropically charged dry-hopped-as pacific style xtra-pale ale)                              

Take-away XL 1L cans of all house beers are available from the brewery, freshly filled as you watch.

Guest Tap

We're ususally pouring the excellent Willie Smiths Organic cider, but sometimes we shake things up. Check out our Now Tapped page for the most up to date list.


Quealy Mornington Pinot Gris– Mornington Victoria                                                                                    

Te Mania Sauvingon Blanc – Nelson New Zealand                                                                                           

Catlin Montepulciano Rose – Rad Hills South Australia                                                                                     

Range Life Prosecco – King Valley Victoria                                                                                                       

Fionula Nero D'avola – Murray Darling Victoria                                   

Noisy Ritual Geelong Pinot Noir - Brunswick Victoria         

Tellurian Pastiche Shiraz - Heathcote Victoria                                                                              

Other Stuff                                                     

Booze –  Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Espresso Martini, Negroni

Non-alcoholic soft drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, Soda Water, Lemonade, Ginger Ale                           



Wee Man's Kitchen at Tallboy & Moose is way delicious! Check out their menu here.