House Beers on Tap                                                                                      

1.  Polski Prince – 3.8% (Grodziskie aka "Polish Champagne" is a little seen style that's pale, very dry and a bit smoky)     

2. Tallboy’s Cream Ale - 4.9% (Easy drinker - Tastes like beer! This ale is pretty much an ale pretending to be a lager)

3. SummaTime XPA - 4.7% (New world hops blast fruit in this summer sippa session xtra pale ale)                            

4. DDH Nebula – 5.5% - (Double dry hopped New England session IPA - very hoppy/hazy/fruity with low bitterness)       

5. Only Taiheke – 5.3% (single hop pale ale featuring NZ hop Taiheke aka NZ Cascade)                                        

6. Sonny Brook Lager – 4.7% (An American take on the Vienna lager, a copper lager with a bit of extra hop to it)   

7. ApriTang – 3.7 % (Apricot kettle sour ale - tart, tangy & refreshing!)                             

8. The Fang – 5.6% (American style hoppy amber ale)                                                                                           

Take-away XL 1L cans of all house beers are available from the brewery, freshly filled as you watch.

Guest Tap

We're ususally pouring the excellent Willie Smiths Organic cider, but sometimes we shake things up. Check out our Now Tapped page for the most up to date list.


Quealy Mornington Pinot Grigio – VIC                                                                                    

Te Mania Sauvingon Blanc – NZ                                                                                            

Delinquente 'Pretty Boy' Rosato – SA                                                                                     

Range Life Prosecco – VIC                                                                                                       

Amadio Rosso Quattro (Merlot, Sangiovese, Barbera, Grenache) – SA                                   

Noisy Ritual Geelong Pinot Noir - VIC                                                                                      

Other Stuff

Booze and Juice (freshly juiced apple with your choice of spirit)                                                        

Booze –  Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Espresso Martini

Non-alcoholic soft drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, Soda Water, Lemonade, Ginger Ale                           



Wee Man's Kitchen at Tallboy & Moose is now open! Check out their menu here.